The Top 10 Best Rolling Pins in The Uk 2021

When you don’t have a rolling pin on hand, a wine bottle can work in a pinch to roll out dough for pie or sugar cookies, but there are several reasons why baking pros don’t recommend that this hack become your go-to method. Rolling pins are designed to roll dough into even thicknesses, and the best ones are balanced, smooth to operate, made of a versatile material, and long enough to comfortably roll out a 10-inch pie crust.
Despite what you might think, not all rolling pins are created equal. And depending on what you like to bake, getting the right one can be the difference between a perfect pie crust or one that falls flat. When shopping for a rolling pin you’ll want to consider the length of the barrel, the material it’s made of, whether you need to roll your dough to a specific thickness, and how easy it is for you to handle. While many of these are personal preferences—like choosing between a French-style rolling pin and one with handles—there are a few good rules, like using a marble one for puff pastry since the rolling pin itself can be chilled.
Here are the best rolling pins on the market to help you find the one that’s best for you.

Top 10 best rolling pins

Refer to the 10 products about the best rolling pins below for easy selection when needed

1. HelferX Professional Stainless Steel Rolling Pin

HelferX Professional Stainless Steel Rolling Pin
Best Rolling Pins

Since superconductive materials like metal are great at getting cold, this pin is perfect for rolling out pie crust or other doughs that rely on solid deposits of chilled butter to produce delicate flakes. The other upside of the HelferX is that it’s lightweight, as opposed to the marble pins we tried, which were hard to maneuver and smashed or cracked our dough. This pin has a nonstick surface and it’s marked with helpful measurements for ensuring even thickness. Also, it’s actually dishwasher safe, which is a rarity in the rolling pin world.

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J.K. Adams Maple Wood Medium Gourmet Rolling Pin
Best Rolling Pins

This style of a rolling pin, also called a baker’s or American rolling pin, is most likely the one you are familiar with. It has a wooden barrel that rotates around a dowel attached to two handles, usually wooden as well. This is by far the most common style you’ll find in home kitchens.
The 12-inch rolling pin is made in Vermont of solid maple, and the barrel is waxed to prevent sticking when you’re rolling out your dough. The rolling pin is easy to care for thanks to the steel axel that runs through the middle. To clean it, scrape off as much dough as you can then wash it with warm soapy water and dry it immediately.
The one complaint from consumers has been that J.K. Adams puts a sticker on the rolling pin and it can sometimes be challenging to remove all the residue. Thankfully, a bit of vegetable oil or an adhesive remover like GooGone should take care of it. Just be sure to wash it before using it for the first time. If anything does go wrong with your rolling pin, you’ll be happy to know it’s covered by a lifetime warranty.

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3. J.K. Adams 20-1/2-Inch Maple Wood French Rolling Pin

J.K. Adams 20-Inch Maple Wood French Rolling Pin
Best Rolling Pins

French rolling pins offer the best of both worlds. They’re long with tapered edges so you have the option of positioning your hands the way you would on a rolling pin with handles, or closer together when needed for more control. This model from J.K. Adams is 20.5 inches and 1.5 inches thick. That means it’s long enough for big batches and a little more nimble for small jobs than dowels, which are usually about two inches thick. It’s made of maple wood and very smooth.

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4. Joseph Joseph adjustable rolling pin

Joseph Joseph adjustable rolling pin
Best Rolling Pins

This inventive rolling pin makes life a lot easier for new bakers, as you can raise the rolling surface by changing the removable disks, helping create the exact thickness of pastry or dough you require. It also ensures an even thickness throughout and comes in four colorways, which manages to make this rather plain kitchen item into something quite pretty.

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5. Ikea Magasin Wooden Handled Rolling Pin

Ikea Magasin Wooden Handled Rolling Pin
Best Rolling Pins

Imagine the iconic rolling pin and it probably looks like the Ikea Magasin Wooden Handled Rolling Pin. Crafted from solid wood, it is simple, sturdy, and a total bargain at about $6—and for a basic rolling pin, you could do a lot worse. But, if you can afford to spend another $11, the J.K. Adams dowel is easier to control, easier to clean, and definitely a better long-term investment.

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6. Fox Run Marble Rolling Pin

Fox Run Marble Rolling Pin
Best Rolling Pins

This gorgeous Fox Run Marble Rolling Pin, you’ll want to leave some room on your countertop – this natural beauty deserves a spot out in your kitchen!
Made of 100% marble stone, the pin will have an elegant look with unique patterns, beautiful veins, and coloration details.
It has a 10-inch barrel, totaling 18 inches with wooden handles. It comes with a matching wooden resting base included, to securely place it on when not in use.
Other than the pretty aesthetics, choosing a marble material for a rolling pin has many practical benefits. And the pin features nylon ball bearings for very smooth movement.
Marble has a natural ability to stay slightly cooler than room temperature. With this characteristic, it’s a great option to use when prepping items that have a high-fat content that could melt easily, like with buttery pastry crusts and cookies. The marble keeps these doughs chilled and firm as you roll your way to perfection.
You can even chill the pan in the refrigerator for about 15-30 minutes prior to using it.
And with marble’s naturally nonstick properties, it’s super easy to work with, even with the stickiest of doughs. And cleaning is simple! After rolling out your most perfect pie dough ever, wash with warm, soapy water and dry promptly.
Here’s another nice feature: Because marble does not absorb any moisture, fats, or odors from food, this is a great purchase for long-term use.
Please keep in mind that the weight of this model will be significantly heavier than other selections. At 4.6 pounds, the heavier weight will affect the impact on the dough each time you press down to roll it out. As a result, you will be able to roll out items far more quickly, with just a few movements.

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7. Ultra Cuisine Professional French Rolling Pin

Ultra Cuisine Professional French Rolling Pin
Best Rolling Pins

Sometimes wooden rolling pins can be tough to clean because they can’t be soaked or put in the dishwasher. This stainless steel French-style rolling pin is dishwasher safe and non-porous, so it’s super easy to clean. Like the marble rolling pin, it can be put in the freezer and used cold to roll dough without overworking it. It also has measurements right on the rolling pin to help determine dough size.

Over 1,700 people have reviewed this tool on Amazon, giving it a 4.8-star rating. One customer wrote, “Why did I wait so long to switch to a stainless rolling pin? I just love this pin. The selling point for me was the ability to put it in the refrigerator to make it nice and cold for pastry. It makes a huge difference—the pastry stays ice cold. I know it’s clean, too—so nice to not have to scrub it and place it someplace warm to dry out!”

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8. Professional French Rolling Pin

Professional French Rolling Pin
Best Rolling Pins

The professional French rolling pin comes with a smooth, tapered design, making dough kneading easy and simple.
Product Highlights
The Ultra Cuisine Skilled French Rolling Pin for Baking is set with tapered ends and made from stainless steel. However, to prevent it from being too hard, it also boasts a hollow heart. This model has a total weight of just ten ounces. This model helps make it very easy to manipulate the French rolling pin.
This product produces a perfect dough with a surface that is not porous. You can roll various flour croissants, cookies, pizza, pasta, tortillas, and dumplings with this premium baking tool. Without being strong, the product has the cooling characteristics of marble. It also does not absorb any scent, color, or taste like rollers made from other kinds of wood. To prevent the dough from overheating too quickly, you can cool the roller in the freezer.

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9. Bamber 11 Inch by 1-1/5 Inch Wood Rolling Pin

Bamber 11 Inch by 1-1,5 Inch Wood Rolling Pin
Best Rolling Pins

Most of the other rollers are not well polished or made from raw materials and do not have a safe cover. With the Bamber Wood Rolling Pin, however, the polishing technique and coverage are very noticeable due to its smooth surface and excellent grip.
The rolling pin with inadequate coverage, and small gaps, dents will easily trap dough, and it is difficult to remove until moldy. However, this rolling pin has no cuts and small holes that perform dough rolling smoothly, and this may be the perfect choice for dumplings.
Manufacturers selected premium oak from Europe to make this product. With its compact size (11 inches), it can be stored in cabinet drawers and saves kitchen space. Also, it serves as a small gadget designed for children so they can engage with you.

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10. Good Cook Classic Wood Rolling Pin

Good Cook Classic Wood Rolling Pin
Best Rolling Pins

If you need a sturdy rolling pin for the occasional batch of cookies or holiday baking, but you don’t want to splurge on a fancy marble pin, look no further than this inexpensive wonder from Good Cook. It’s cheap, but it doesn’t look cheap, and it’s perfect for more sturdy doughs such as pizza — though, if you are looking to expand your baking and tackle more pastry, you might want to jump up to the Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin further down the list. It’s still under $20 but has more features for working with multiple types of dough.

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Best Rolling Pins
Best Rolling Pins

There are two main properties of a rolling pin that you need to take into consideration – the shape and the material it is made out of – but you will also need to consider what you’ll be using the rolling pin for when picking one out.

Rolling Pin Shape

There are three main types of rolling pins: tapered rolling pins, straight (cylindrical) rolling pins, and rolling pins with handles. Tapered rolling pins are generally considered to be the best choice for rolling out pastry and yeasted doughs. The ends of a tapered pin are easy to grip and make it easy to move the dough around your workspace, stretching it as you go. You can get a little more aggressive with a dough that might be trying to spring back into place – as many yeasted doughs can do – if you need to be. You don’t want a tapered rolling pin that has an extreme size difference between the center and the edges, a slight taper is just fine.

Straight rolling pins allow you to apply very even pressure on whatever you’re rolling out. They’re a great choice for cookie dough or other items that you need to be a very even thickness, especially if the final size or shape of the item you are rolling out isn’t that important (cookie dough doesn’t need to be a perfect circle before you put your cookie cutters to it!).

Rolling pins with handles tend to be straight rolling pins with a pin in the center that holds the handles in place. They are easy to grip but can be more difficult to apply pressure with when it comes to rolling out a thick dough. I personally prefer a rolling pin without handles, but they’re hard to beat when it comes to grip comfort and they will similarly to a straight rolling pin without handles.

Rolling Pin Materials

The majority of rolling pins are wood, but these days it is possible to find them made of metal, marble, and silicone, as well. Wood pins are the most traditional and you can’t go wrong with a wooden rolling pin. Wooden rolling pins are neither hot nor cold, and they should hold onto a dusting of flour that will prevent whatever you’re rolling from sticking.

The idea behind the metal and marble pins is that they are colder (and can even be chilled), so butter is less likely to melt as you are rolling your dough. This is a good idea in theory, but the reality is that the air temperature and the length of time you are working with your dough are going to have the biggest impact on how firm the dough remains when you are working with it. These types of pins also tend to be quite heavy, which may be a negative for some bakers.

Silicone pins, like silicone pans, have nonstick qualities and you may not need to add as much flour or sugar to your dough as you roll it out. That being said, a wood rolling pin should hold onto a little bit of flour, so it may not take as much flour as you think to roll the dough where you want it.


Owning rolling pins in the kitchen will help you confidently, proactively, and diversify your menu with the cakes you make for your family. With the products introduced above, we hope to partly help you choose a floured roller suitable for your conditions and requirements. Wishing you a happy kitchen and cooking a lot of delicious dishes every day.

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