The best electric knife sharpener 2021 in UK

In this article we take a look at the best electric knife sharpener currently available in the UK. Anyone looking for one of these gadgets will already know the benefits of using an electric knife. The bottom line is though, that they have blades. Like any blade, at some point, it will need to be sharpened.

There are many ways to sharpen a blade. Electric sharpeners are the easiest to use and require little skill to get a very good job done. There are of course highly skilled trade’s people who can manually achieve superb results. However they are highly trained and use metal workshop equipment to do that.

To get a professional job like that done would actually cost you more than your knife set may be worth. So unless you own a really expensive set of kitchen knives, it is better to buy an electric knife sharpener and do it yourself.

Top 10 best electric knife sharpener in UK 2021

Below we have included the top 10 best electric knife sharpeners currently on sale in the UK.

1. Chef’s Choice Hybrid Diamond Hone Model 270

Sometimes you can’t shake the feeling of unease upon using an electric knife sharpener, even truer when you’ve been accustomed to manually fine-hone every blade. The Chef’s Choice Hybrid Diamond Hone Model 270 can give you the best of both worlds.

The grinding disks are pure diamond on all three stages with different coarseness/fitness based on what function they’re meant for. The disks give the blades a rejuvenated, arch-shaped edge with ease, so cooks wouldn’t have to overexert themselves. Each stroke should be ideally five seconds long and it’d take somewhere from five to twenty strokes for each facet on each stage.

The Hybrid works best with knives of 20°— signature to Western blades. Whether the knives are straight or serrated doesn’t matter, because the Hybrid can deal with both types with ease.

Cleaning and maintenance-wise, there’s little to no fuss over. You can wipe the exterior with a damp piece of cloth, and remember there’s no need to apply any additional oil or lubricating liquids. As for the metal residues collected within the unit, turn the sharpener upside down, gently tap and shake the unit till all the bits fall out.


The best electric knife sharpener in UK 2021
The best electric knife sharpener in UK 2021

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2. Electric Knife Sharpener By Kenwood

The best electric knife sharpener is the Electric Knife Sharpener By Kenwood. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

The Kenwood CO606 3-in-1 is considered the best multi-purpose electric sharpening tool because it constitutes a can opener, a bottle opener, and a sharpener. For those who are fond of automatic processes, the Kenwood CO606 3-in-1 can be a very handy device to have in the kitchen.

It provides you with the capabilities that you would not expect from an ordinary knife care tool or stone especially because you get to perform additional functions with it. The can opener is equipped with interesting features such as the hands-free operation. Since the can is locked into the machine, the Kenwood CO606 3-in-1 will give you the convenience of operation it hands-free.

The best electric knife sharpener is quite safe to use considering that it has non-slip feet that enhance its stability when in operation. Also, since it is a multipurpose device, it happens to have the best knife sharpener system.

The fact that you can use it to open cans and bottles while at the same time sharpening knives in one stage means that you are able to minimize the purchase of tools in your kitchen thus saving on storage. It is also worth noting that the Kenwood CO606 3-in-1 is easy to clean judging from the majority of the best electric knife sharpener review.

The best electric knife sharpener in UK 2021
The best electric knife sharpener in UK 2021

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3. Judge Knife Honer and Sharpener

This is another good option if you are looking for something cheaper for your kitchen knives. It doesn’t produce the same results as more expensive sharpeners but it will do for most of your sharpening needs.

It is a 2-stage system so it can handle fairly dull knives and produce a polished sharp finish in the final stage. It can sharpen the usual straight-edge knives, Asian knives, serrated knives, steak knives as well as pocket knives and scissors.

Two filing trays at the bottom of each set of slots makes cleaning the sharpener easy. The main complaint from customers about this sharpener is the noise and vibrations. You are going to have trouble keeping it in place on a smooth kitchen counter.

They recommend placing a paper towel under it to reduce the noise and movements.

The best electric knife sharpener in UK 2021
The best electric knife sharpener in UK 2021

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4. AnySharp Knife Sharpener

This product is highly preferred among the other knife sharpeners that have on our list and out in the market. Because while using the sharpener, you’ll find it’s exactly made for sharpening your knives. As it’s not very expensive, you don’t need to break your bank to buy this item.

That means if you’re in search of a sharpener that has made just for sharpening purpose; AnySharp is the greatest knife sharpener for you. Also, the sharpener has many useful features and the first one is its versatility.

Because of this feature, you can use this sharpener for any brand and model of knives are available in most kitchens. As a result, you can easily sharpen knives like regular kitchen knives, sushi knives, and serrated knives.


The best electric knife sharpener in UK 2021
The best electric knife sharpener in UK 2021

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5. LACOR 60W Electric Knife Sharpener

The 60W Lacor knife electric sharpener is perfect to sharp your knives, scissors and screwdrivers without damage them. Contrary to a manual sharpening, the electric sharpening doesn’t need to master a particular skill. Indeed with a manual sharpening it’s common to damage the edge due to a bad inclination or a bad movement. With an electric sharpener you just have to let the appliance do to obtain a perfect sharpening.

These Lacor knife electric sharpener has two grindstones and four cracks. The first sharpening grindstone gives back the knife form and the second reforms their print.

Moreover the Lacor knife sharpener has four suckers that ensure it a perfect stability.

The best electric knife sharpener in UK 2021
The best electric knife sharpener in UK 2021

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6. Chef’s Choice Diamond Model 320

This is a 2-stage electric knife sharpener with a patented sharpening mechanism. One stage is for stropping, and the other one is for polishing. Moreover, it uses diamond honing that can sharpen your knives with ease and provide a sharp edge. And, they also claim that the sharpening will not cause any de-tempering of knives.

Additionally, it has spring sharpening guides that provide the perfect angle to sharpen the edges, without any need for holding the knives. And, it is compact and simple-to-use, so is a perfect choice for home use. It works with most straight-edged and serrated blades and provides a 20-degree sharp edge.

Also, it is comparatively cheaper than most sharpeners with similar features and is manufactured by a trusted brand.

The best electric knife sharpener in UK 2021
The best electric knife sharpener in UK 2021

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7. Kyocera Advanced Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener

If your kitchen is stocked with ceramic knives, hundreds of Amazon shoppers recommend investing in this Kyocera knife sharpener. Unlike other options on this list that only work on steel blades, this option is specially designed to work on both ceramic and steel knives. It uses a diamond grinding wheel to quickly sharpen cutlery and comes with a covered compartment built-in that catches all the grinding dust, so you never have to worry about making a mess.

“Really impressed,” raved one shopper. “When I bought my ceramic knife it was with the understanding it would have to be sent out, at a cost almost equal to the cost of the knife to have it sharpened. I bought this on the off chance I could avoid that. There’s nothing that cuts like a sharp ceramic knife, and I did not realize how dull my knife had gotten until I used this sharpener. I can actually slice a 1-inch grape tomato into four slices without squashing the tomato.”

The best electric knife sharpener in UK 2021
The best electric knife sharpener in UK 2021

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8. Work Sharp E2 Kitchen Sharpener

If you’re an occasional cook and don’t have a lot of knives to maintain, we recommend the electric Work Sharp Culinary E2.

It’s not nearly as fast, powerful, or sturdily built as the Chef’sChoice, but it’s easy to use, and it produced a better edge than any other sharpener in its price range. If you know you’ll need a sharpener only a few times a year, we think it will give you the best bang for your buck.

The Work Sharp E2 knife sharpener makes quick work of your most-used kitchen tool, so you can get back to chopping, slicing and dicing in no time. Honing knives, scissors or shears in under 60 seconds, it uses flexible abrasives and a built-in angle guide to ensure a uniform edge from tip to heel. An automated timer lets you know when your knife is sharp.

Sharpening focused since 1973, Work Sharp Culinary brings the success of flexible belt sharpening to the culinary industry, elevating the home-chef experience with an easy and elegant way to keep knives honed.

The best electric knife sharpener in UK 2021
The best electric knife sharpener in UK 2021

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9. Sharpal 191H Knife & Scissors

When your paring knife needs a quick tune-up, grab this pint-size manual sharpener. It’s small enough to fit inside your silverware drawer or sit discreetly on your countertop, meaning you’ll spend less time setting it up than a bulkier electric machine that you have to fish out from the cabinet above the refrigerator. Clamping down the lever behind the sharpening slots activated the suction cup base, and once that was engaged, the 191H didn’t budge on countertops. This design allows for one-handed operation.

As for sharpening ability, it took north of 70 passes between the two stages to restore a good cutting edge to our dull test knife. Still, this was faster than other manual models we tried, and if you’re mostly using it for twice monthly touch-ups, you’ll need considerably less elbow grease. Finally, we appreciated the addition of the left most abrasive that’s built for sharpening scissors. It quickly cleaned up the edges on a pair we’ve had for several years that hadn’t been sharpened before. Useful and inexpensive, the 191H is a good choice for regular light-duty blade maintenance.

The best electric knife sharpener in UK 2021
The best electric knife sharpener in UK 2021

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10. Narcissus Electric Knife Sharpener

This knife sharpener falls in the middle price range. I have to say it’s somewhat competent and gives good value for money for this price point. The Narcissus knife sharpener offers two stages to sharpen your knives: crude and fine. If your knife is chipped, very dull, or badly dinged up, use the crude stage first and then polish it one the fine stage.

If your knife is alright and just needs extra sharpening, skip the crude stage and move onto the fine. This sharpener will put a 15 degrees angle on your knife’s edge. It also has slots for sharpening scissors and slotted screwdrivers, so I can comfortably say that it’s a proper multitool sharpener.

Moreover, this sharpener is rather prudent about safety. There’s a cooling device in place, and there’s also overheating protection. If you’re using it for 5 minutes, the copper motor will turn off, and it will need 10 minutes to turn back on.

The best electric knife sharpener in UK 2021
The best electric knife sharpener in UK 2021

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How to choose the best electric knife sharpener for you

Do you know how to choose the right model for you? Let’s review a few important points to consider before you fork over your cash or card.

Choose Your Type, and Multi-purpose or Just for Knives?
There are many kinds of electric sharpeners to choose from. Think about your needs, and think about your knives before you make a decision. For example, do you just need a sharpener for fixing some beat-up blades and putting on a sharp edge? Or, might you also benefit from a honer, to keep the edge keen between sharpening?

Do you have Japanese or Western knives?

Do you also want to sharpen scissors, chisels and gardening tools, and not only your BBQ knives? Do you only have straight-edged knives, or scalloped and serrated blades too?

Before choosing, have a look at your knives, see what type they are and what they’re made of (literally, not metaphorically), and also consider what else you may wish to sharpen as some electrics can handle all sorts of tools.

Different knives may need special care or a different type of sharpener. While most blades are made of steel, some high-end products are now made of ceramic, titanium, and even tungsten carbide. These special knives need sharpeners up to the task.

So make sure you know what knives you are going to sharpen, and that the sharpener you choose is suitable. But be mindful of the fact that a general-purpose sharpener may seem useful, but the quality is usually lower. So be sure you’re not doing your blades a disservice by sacrificing quality for versatility.

Number of Stages and Slots
There’s more to sharpening a knife than just dragging it through a coarse grinder. While that might suffice to put some life back into a seriously messed up blade, to properly sharpen it you’ll also need to fine-tune. This means at least two stages, one coarse and one fine. Even better is a 3-stage sharpener, each stage finer than the last.

Also, most knives are double-edged, they need sharpening on the left and right side. Simple sharpeners will have single slots for each stage, so you may need to turn the sharpener round to do both sides. But most semi-decent or better models will have a left and right slot to grind both sides without the need to turn the sharpener round.

Get the Right Angle
Unless you’re very familiar with knives, you may not realize that not all blades are formed at the same angle. As a general rule of thumb, those made in the U.S. and the U.K. have a blade with a 20° angle at the cutting edge, and Japanese knives employ a 15° angle.

It’s crucial to choose a sharpener that will guide your knives through the sharpening element at the correct sharpening angle. Putting a Japanese knife in a sharpener made for 20° blades will result in an incomplete job at best, and a damaged blade at worst.

On the flip side of that coin, running a 20 degree blade through a Japanese sharpener will severely damage the knife, and change the angle of the edge to one it’s not made for. So make sure you get the right tool for the job.

Intended Use: Home or Commercial?
The best electric knife sharpener suitable for a professional chef may be overkill for your average weekend warrior or backyard pit boss. A commercial-grade sharpener may be large, noisy, and bulky because it’s designed to be used over and over again, perhaps on a daily basis.

Likewise, a good home sharpener may not stand up to the rigors of restaurant life. Get the sharpener that’s right for your setting, or you’re not making a smart investment. Having said that, we totally get the appeal of having restaurant-grade appliances and gadgets at home!

Safety Features
Because all the moving parts are enclosed, and the knife is held away from you during sharpening, there isn’t much required in the way of safety features. However, do make sure there are at least non-slip feet, or a good sturdy handle to keep the thing still during use. You do not want it slipping while you’re handling a sharp knife!

Ease of Cleaning
Sharpening grinds away and removes small pieces of metal from the edge of the blade. This creates fine metal dust as waste from the process. Try to look for a model that has a removable collection tray that collects the residue for disposal. This will stop the dust from getting around your work surfaces and kitchen.

Brand Reputation / Reliability
You’ll be forgiven for not recognizing many of the brand names in the field. It’s a good idea to visit manufacturers’ sites and also look for forums where people discuss their experiences with various sharpeners. You’ll soon get a good idea of which brands are reputable and reliable.

A quick search of electric knife sharpeners will reveal price points from under $20 to well over $500. As with all consumer goods, you seldom get your best value at either end of the spectrum. Think about how often you expect to use a sharpener, and also about how much you’ve invested in your knife assortment. Every knife will benefit from sharpening, but it may be unnecessary to spend hundreds of dollars on a sharpener for a modest selection of blades.

The best electric knife sharpener in UK 2021
The best electric knife sharpener in UK 2021


Deciding on the best electric knife sharpener for you, can be as hard as finding the perfect knife. You probably already know that some sharpening devices only work on certain knives, and some work better than others on different knives. Its hard to get something that works well with all types of knives.

The sharpness level attained depends not only on the sharpener itself, but also how much time and effort you have spent and of course there can be a bit of skill that you will pick up, the more you do it.

All the sharpeners we have reviewed are really excellent and you wont go wrong, whichever one you pick. We tend to weigh up how much we want to spend against how often we will use it, then decide from there.

We hope this has been some help to you.

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