Top 10 Best Dog Muzzle For Pitbulls – Best Dog Muzzle For Pitbulls Buying Guide.

Although the pitbull does not deserve its fearsome reputation, there can be no doubt that they are a rowdy breed. When you combine that rowdiness with a powerful set of jaws, you have an animal that requires a little bit more caution and diligence on your part.

So, let’s attempt to find the best dog muzzle for pitbulls, they are super useful to avoid the situations when your pitbull start to become stressful and about to bite somethings, it’s a great and humane solutions to keep your pitbulls calm.

If you’re looking for the best dog muzzle for pitbulls then you came to the right place, in this post, where we will show you top 10 great products and some things to consider around this kind of products.

Top 10 Best Dog Muzzle For Pitbulls.

Here is our list of 10 best dog muzzle for pitbulls which are so great and we think that they are super suitable for you, no matter what is your uses, let’s check out.

1. CollarDirect Leather Pitbull Muzzle.

There are many reasons you may put a muzzle on your Pitbull. For all of them, the CollarDirect leather muzzle is our favorite. Your dog will not be able to bite through this muzzle no matter what. It’s also very intimidating, making your dog look ferocious. For some, this may not be such a positive trait, but others may prefer the look.

Handmade out of genuine leather, this muzzle isn’t just tough looking. It’s durable and will certainly last a very long time. Our Pits seemed to get acclimated to it very quickly, becoming comfortable with putting it on and off. There are two adjustment straps to dial in the fit, but you still need to measure and make sure the sizing is correct for your Pit. With a great blend of aesthetics and performance, you can expect to shell out a bit extra on this muzzle. It’s not the most expensive one we tried, but it’s up there. That said, we think the quality is second to none, which is why it has earned its place at the top of our list.

Best dog muzzle for pitbulls
Best dog muzzle for pitbulls

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2. BronzeDog Metal Wire Dog Muzzle.

For those that prefer a metal wire basket muzzle, there’s no better choice than the BronzeDog Metal Wire Dog Muzzle. While stopping your dog from biting, the muzzle surrounds your dog’s snout with a wide metal barrier that still allows them to pant, drink, or even eat treats.

In the heat, your pit bull is unlikely to deal with ventilation problems or discomfort. Although they can pant all they need to, the four adjustable straps ensure your dog won’t be able to slip out of the muzzle either.

Best dog muzzle for pitbulls
Best dog muzzle for pitbulls

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3. Collardirect Leather Basket Muzzle.

This is a basket-type muzzle, meaning that it encloses the entire snout. This can be a good thing, as it makes the whole thing more difficult to remove. In spite of enclosing the whole snout, this muzzle shouldn’t restrict the ability to breathe or drink. It has openings on both top and bottom.

The leather is nice and thick, and it seems to be of high quality. However, I am concerned about the lack of reinforcement. This muzzle would fail to do its job if any of its parts were to fail. There are no backup straps or extra studs, and this presents a safety issue.

An all-leather model like this could also stretch over time and cause problems. That being said, this is a simple, effective, and comfortable design. It is available in multiple sizes and is quite inexpensive to boot.

Best dog muzzle for pitbulls
Best dog muzzle for pitbulls

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4. Baskerville Dog Muzzle.

The Baskerville Dog Muzzle is lined with the highest quality of soft neoprene, guaranteeing your dog’s comfort while out on walks, vet visits or other such situations. The easy drinking and eating access is designed to work with many dog breeds, including being a muzzle for pitbulls. With heat shaping, this muzzle can be made to fit to your dog’s individual muzzle.

Best dog muzzle for pitbulls
Best dog muzzle for pitbulls

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5. Barkless Soft Silicone Dog Muzzle

This soft silicone muzzle by Barkless has an adjustable nylon loop that’s ideal for people who’d like to cut down on the barking of their dogs. It also helps during walks as the muzzle prevents the dogs from pulling. The adjustable straps not just provide a snug fit but also ensure the dog finds the muzzle comfortable to wear. Not to mention, the soft tape style is less intimidating compared to some other more conventional muzzles.

The basket design offers complete protection to your dog, and prevents it from eating dirty food, biting, and barking incessantly. It’s safe and secure, with the strap ensuring the muzzle would stay in place. Also, there are a couple of extra attachment points. The loop also attaches to the dog’s collar, and the strap atop the head can be fastened to the strap at the rear. This means you need not worry about the strap falling off.

Best dog muzzle for pitbulls
Best dog muzzle for pitbulls

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6. Dogs My Love Wire Basket Muzzle.

Another basket wire muzzle that we recommend is the one from Dogs My Love. It’s a solid and durable option made for Pitbulls. This is perfect for walking, grooming, or bringing your pooch to the veterinarian.

This is suitable for dogs with a snout girth of up to 13 inches and a snout length of up to 4.25 inches. Your dog can pant, lick, and breathe easily with this snout on.

Moreover, its straps are made of genuine leather that you can adjust for the perfect fit. Just note that it’s not stretchable.

The metal material of the basket is very solid. Beware when your dog swings its head because getting hit by the metal basket really hurts. This is very effective in preventing your Pittie from biting.

Make sure that you check the girth of your dog’s nose to prevent a very tight fit.

Best dog muzzle for pitbulls
Best dog muzzle for pitbulls

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7. Mingri Soft Basket Muzzle.

The Mingri Muzzle is unique as it is features a Silicone muzzle basket. This offers more structure than fabric based baskets and more flexibility than the metallic options. That way your pit bull is properly restrained without being too uncomfortable. The silicone also offers the advantage of durability as it is both weather resistant and resilient against chewing forces.

Another handy feature is the removable front grill that allows you to access your dog’s mouth during feeding time without leaving them completely unrestrained. This is very useful particularly during training when the dog may not be disciplined enough to feed safely.

You also get the benefit of adjustable straps. These ensure that you get the perfect snug fit for you pitbull. Despite this, you still need to ensure that you get the right size as some important parts like the grill and face ring are fixed.

Best dog muzzle for pitbulls
Best dog muzzle for pitbulls

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8. Dogs My Love Real Leather Dog Basket Muzzle.

This high ventilation quality muzzle can be very useful in many situations and everyday use – visits to a vet, traveling, off-leash walks, preventing eating off the ground, yet allow for panting and drinking, providing the ultimate in comfort and safety for both the dog and owner or trainer. Well-fitting, light weight, soft and comfortable yet strong and durable. Safe and non-toxic. The straps are adjustable and won’t stretch. Please measure snout circumference and length for fit.

Best dog muzzle for pitbulls
Best dog muzzle for pitbulls

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9. Jorvet Nylon Muzzle.

Those who have ever seen their dog muzzled at the vet knows about these simple and easy-to-deploy muzzles. They’re made of tough nylon and are meant to just slide quickly on for short bursts to help your dog get through something without nipping.

Made of waterproof nylon, these would make a good choice for grooming and when using dog nail clippers. My senior shar pei mix hates having his nails done and will nip, not so much out of aggression, but due to anxiety. Quickly slipping this on makes the process easier on both of us.

Of course, being entirely made of nylon, this won’t put up with much abuse. They’re also not secure enough for use with other dogs or for long periods of time. Slide one of these on at the vet or for a quick round of training and that’s about it. The upside is that without the additional straps, you don’t have to spend any time dialing it in for a long use session.

Best dog muzzle for pitbulls
Best dog muzzle for pitbulls

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10. Ancol Dog Mesh Muzzle.

The Ancol Dog Mesh Muzzle is a soft muzzle made with strong, durable mesh that can withstand external damage.

It is comfortable and easily washable to maintain hygiene. On top of that, it comes in 8 sizes that can work for many dogs.

Do note that you have to be careful about choosing sizes, as they can be odd or inconsistent.

This muzzle’s buckle can come undone with very rough movements, but as it is a tight-fitting muzzle, you likely won’t be leaving it on for more than a few minutes. Besides, this buckle makes the muzzle easy to put on and take off!

Best dog muzzle for pitbulls
Best dog muzzle for pitbulls

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Different Types of Muzzles for Pitbulls.

The decision on which muzzles should your dog wear will depend entirely on the situation. Different products serve different purposes and have different functions. There are different types of dog muzzles for Pitbulls:

Police Dog Muzzle.

This is the type of muzzle used by police officers for training their dogs. This type is known for its remarkable strength and safety. It is made of soft leather that is helpful to protect the dog’s mouth when they are in training. If you opt for a police dog muzzle, be sure to choose the basket-style design so the dog can breathe easily.

Basket Dog Muzzle.

The basket-design muzzle is made for a physically active dog who is going to running, swimming or playing. The design allows the dog to breathe, pant, and drink easily and allows you to give him treats.

There are three different types of basket muzzles available: plastic, metal, and rubber.

Plastic Basket.

This is the most basic and cheapest muzzle. I won’t recommend this for Pitbull as the dog can shatter it easily.

Metal Basket.

Metal basket muzzle is the best protection for an aggressive dog. It is sturdier than the plastic one, your Pitbull won’t be able to easily break it. The downside, the metal will freeze or heat up in extreme weather, and also it can be a tool for your dog to hurt another person or dog just by banging his mouth.

Rubber Basket.

Unless your vet recommends metal basket muzzle, I would recommend rubber basket instead. The rubber material is more durable than plastic but won’t heat up or freeze like metal. And it is safer than the metal because when your dog hits another person or dog, the rubber will provide a soft impact and prevent your dog from hurting them.

Fabric or Nylon Mesh Muzzle.

Also called grooming or occlusion muzzle, this muzzle can only be used for a short time period as it shouts your dog mouth close and therefore restrict your dog’s ability to pant, eat, or drink. This restriction is necessary for short needs for example when visiting the groomer.

Jafco Dog Muzzle.

Jafco dog muzzle is made by JAFCO, a company that started in 1974. It is made of durable plastic and provide better design and material compared with the plastic design – so good that many competitors have tried to imitate the design.

The snout area has big holes to provide ease of breathing and drinking. One of the most popular Jafco products is the transparent-design muzzle where you can easily see through your dog’s facial expression to know your dog’s condition and feeling.

Funny Muzzle.

The funny muzzle has been gained a lot of popularity in recent years offering a style and design that are different from the traditional ones. Its hilarious design will help the people or children around the pit bull relaxed.

Things to Remember and Beware About Pitbull Dog Muzzle.

It is not a replacement for proper training.

The first point to remember, a muzzle is not a replacement for proper training and socialization. You can only fix behavioral problems such as excessive aggression, bark excessively, separation anxiety, boredom, attention-seeking, and more by doing consistent training and proper socialization.

Never use it for an extended period of time.

Your dog should only wear a muzzle for a brief moment, around 20 minutes or so, longer than that your dog will feel fearful and anxious.

Train your dog to wear it.

Forcing your dog to wear a muzzle without properly train him can traumatize your dog and create aggression toward anyone who tries to touch his snout.

Make sure it fits well on your pit bull.

It is never easy to know if you really pick the right muzzle size until your dog has tried it on. As a general rule, the muzzle should allow your dog to open their mouth to pant or breathe.

Never leave your pit bull unattended with a muzzle on.

There are many things that can go wrong when you leave your dog with a muzzle on. For example, your he may try to scratch it to get it off and end up injuring himself.

How to Teach Your Dog to Wear a Muzzle?

Before you can put a muzzle on your dog, you need to teach him to enjoy wearing one. Most of the training methods that I know divide the process into two parts: introduction and buckle the neck strap.

In the introduction phase, you are trying to make your dog falls in love with the idea of wearing a muzzle. Be ready to prepare a lot of treats during the introduction phase, my favorite is a roast chicken.

After your dog is getting used to it, the next step is to teach him to feel comfortable while you buckle the neck strap.


The best dog muzzle for pitbulls is honestly the quickest and most efficient way to make your dog behave and avoid serious consequences. Why are we looking for the best product on the market? The answer is obvious – depending on your dog necessities, you might need a muzzle for training, public safety or for an emergency. So, please choose wisely.

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