Top 10 Best Dog GPS Tracker – Best Dog GPS Tracker Reviews.

Your dog runs away? Even the most attentive dog owner is sometimes distracted. If the beloved friend runs away, it results in terrible moments. With the best GPS dog gps tracker you can locate your pup within seconds and find him quickly. You can never really be sure that your pet is always around you. Especially when a bitch is in heat, she will not always follow your calls. The same applies to males. If a male dog smells a bitch in heat, he is not be able to hold on and wants to go to her as soon as possible. There are also some breeds which are real escape artists. Not even a garden fence can be a big obstacle for them. Some have the ability to simply dig under the fence or to get slip from the collar.

A GPS tracker for dogs is a perfect solution for such cases. Special GPS trackers for sporting dogs are very popular for hunters. They spend a lot of time with their hunting dogs in the wild. Free running pets certainly have all possibilities to have fun in the forest or just get lost chasing a game. A GPS tracker designed to work in tough areas turns out to be very helpful to find a lost pet.

So if you also want to have this great products, then you came to the right place, in this post we will show you the best dog gps tracker reviews.

Top 10 Best Dog GPS Tracker Which Are Perfect For Your Dogs.

Here is our best dog gps tracker reviews which are very reliable will help you a lot, you can use it as a reference to choose the best dog gps tracker.

1. Tractive GPS DOG 4. 

Designed for pets nine pounds and up, this Tractive GPS dog collar device offers tracking in over 150 countries with an app for iOS, Android or via any web browser. It’s also lightweight and fully waterproof for dogs who love to swim or splash around in mud in their wanderings.

Tractive GPS Dog 4 offer live GPS tacking that allows dog owners to keep an eye on their furry friend at all times. The app updates every 2-3 seconds so dog owners have realtime tracking.

Unlike some other GPS tracker for dogs that we have reviewed, Tractive GPS Dog 4 provide activity monitoring. They can track their active minutes, their resting minutes as well as calories burned.

Best dog gps tracker reviews
Best dog gps tracker reviews

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2. Anki HappiGo Smart Tag Bluetooth Tracker.

The Anki HappiGo Nut Smart Tag Bluetooth Pet GPS Locator is not really a GPS dog tracker per se since it only operates on Bluetooth technology. This allows you to check whether your pet or any item that has the Nut on is within the effective range of its wireless connection. In an open field, this is 50 meters. However, once you factor in other variables, then the range substantially decreases.

It does come with some neat and useful features, though. It’s super-slim and can easily be attached to almost anything. Aside from pets, you can use The Nut for your car, keys, laptop, wallet and many more things. It’s is a worthy tracker for under $20 that can make your life easier.

Best dog gps tracker reviews
Best dog gps tracker reviews

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3. BLACK+DECKER Smart Dog GPS Tracker.

BLACK+DECKER made a smart GPS dog collar that is offered in black and violet color. It has a solid pattern and has a virtual dog tag feature that has an OLED display that shows your contact information and your dog’s name. It also has a GPS tracking capability that is dependent on 2G coverage. It can show and can track how far your dog’s location is, your dog’s activities, and show real-time GPS tracking.

You can also set your own Geo-fence boundaries and you’ll receive alerts on the app if your dog went outside of the set limits. It has also a water-resistant feature so that you can have peace of mind if your dog decided to have fun in the water. This GPS dog collar is perfect for medium and large breed dogs and is suitable for necklines with 15 to 21 inches measurements.

Best dog gps tracker reviews
Best dog gps tracker reviews

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4. Kippy EVO Gps Tracker.

The EVO is both pet tracker and activity monitor, is lighter than the previous Kippy at 38g, and they have improved battery life upto 10days. The tracker is 100% waterproof.

One of the main additional benefits of the new Kippy is its tracking functions. It utilizes GPS, GMS, WiFi and Bluetooth, which enables it to now track both indoors and outside. Kippy EVO uses their own integrated SIM, and for a few pounds per month their subscriptions are comparable with other subscription devices on the market.

Kippy was keen to promote its wellbeing functions with the Vita, and it still offers the same activity tracking with the EVO. You can compare his activity data with that of other pets of the same weight, age and breed, and keep track of his activity at all times of day. Recieve messages on his health status and activity, personalised goals and advice, even when you are not with your dog.

Some new features which we like are the virtual leash; get a notification every time your dog moves outside your phones bluetooth beam. This is great for when out on walks with your pet, and is a bit like the geofence feature but with a more limited specific range tailored for walking with your pet. (Kippy EVO also offers the geofence feature). We also like the LED torch, which can be activated via the app.

We definitily think the Kippy EVO dog tracker has come on leaps and bounds from its predecessor the Vita, the new features all having their own merit. With other reviewers too, it seems to score more highly, and it’s definitily a good contender at a great price.

Best dog gps tracker reviews
Best dog gps tracker reviews

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5. Eureka Technology Marco Polo Pet Tracking System.

The Marco Polo pet tracking system from Eureka Technology uses Radio Frequency rather than GPS, which means it doesn’t require a cellular data connection. You get a tag to attach to your pet’s collar, and a handheld monitor.

The handheld monitor is very basic compared to the trackers with smartphone apps, but is functional rather than pretty. It’s a bit more advanced and also larger than the monitors that you get with other RF trackers. This has a range of up to 2 miles away, and will work anywhere, as it doesn’t rely on a mobile phone or Internet connection. When tracking your pet, it shows you the direction and signal strength which helps guide you to your pet’s location. You can track up to 3 pets on one handset if you purchase additional tags.

Unlike any of the other RF pet trackers in this review, you can configure a safe zone. This is similar to a Geofence, and the locator will check your pet’s location every 40 seconds, and alert you if your pet goes outside this area. The alert will only sound on the handheld locator though, so you won’t be notified the same way as with the GPS trackers, which send an alert to your smartphone.

If you need to then find your pet, simply press the button and the handheld locator will send a signal to the tag on your pet’s collar every 5 seconds. Each time the tag receives the signal, it sends back a reply and the locator measures the strength of this signal and works out the location. Then you simply follow the arrow to where your pet is!

The tag attaches to your pet’s collar via a nylon holder, which fastens to the collar with Velcro straps. It only weighs 22g, but requires a collar with a minimum length of 7 inches so may not be suitable for very small cats or dogs. The tag is also waterproof and rated to IP67 – more than enough to cope with your pet swimming or being out in the rain.

Battery life is excellent, with the collar tag lasting up to 6 weeks on one charge. This can then be recharged via a USB port, so although the set comes with an American plug, you can use any USB charger.

The price of over £200 may seem high, but when you take into account that you won’t need to pay any mobile data or monthly subscription fees it isn’t actually that bad.

One downside though is that it is only available from the US, so will take longer to be delivered and you may be charged import taxes.

Best dog gps tracker reviews
Best dog gps tracker reviews

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6. Girafus Pro Tracker.

Girafus is the Best GPS Cat Tracker Collar that can be truly trusted for the safety of your pet. It is designed to be two units connected together with a special system. Here the handset works as the receiving box to receive RF signals from the other part. The handset tag is attached to the collar via a Velcro strap that can send signals within a range of 500 meters or 1600 feet.

The Girafus pet tracker is a light-weight device which you can carry in your pocket and make four device connection. When the pet crosses the range, the tracking device scans the surrounding area within 500 meters including houses, garages, and shops via sounds and LEDs. The tag attached to the pet’s collar and allows you to detect the accurate directions and distance in which your pet is hiding.

Most of this tracker maintains a frequency about 150-200meters where Girafus cat tracker offers a safe 2.4GHz Radio Frequency Technology with a range of 2.40 to 2.48MHz about 500 meters area. It works free without any subscription fee and quite affordable for easy installation. This tracker allows you to chase up to four different pets together in all different directions.

The entire system weighs 39.2 grams in total where the base unit is 35 grams and the attached tag is only 4.2 grams. The actual size of the base unit is 95 x 65 x 14 mm and the tag unit is 38 x 25 x 11 mm which is too small and light appropriate for cats. The improved rechargeable battery lasts up to more than 4 months for the base unit and 30 days for the tag.

Best dog gps tracker reviews
Best dog gps tracker reviews

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7. Tractive Dogs GPS Tracker.

Another products from Tractive, and now it is a younger brother of Tractive GPS DOG 4.

Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs is one of the best and it offers the right set of features to stay on top. You can enjoy live tracking GPS functionalities and real-time tracking without any problems.

In fact, it can pinpoint the real-time location of your pet dog and also offer you a detailed history of different places that your dog has visited over the past few days. It will allow you to easily understand the favorite places that your dog likes to visit. This history will also be helpful in case your dog goes missing.

It also offers you the ability to set a virtual fence for your dog. This way, you will get a notification if your dog gets out of this virtual fence or zone. It offers a long-lasting battery life, and you can recharge it within two hours to enjoy more than five days of battery life.

Best dog gps tracker reviews
Best dog gps tracker reviews

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8. Yepzon One Dog GPS Tracker.

The Yepzon one is a personal tracker but it’s easy to turn it into a tracker for dogs by attaching it to their collar. As it’s not a specific pet tracker there is no activity monitor or zones feature built in. However, as it can be attached to any pets, humans or even objects the versatile tracker may come in handy for another purpose in the future.

Yepzon aims to be the leading brand for ‘making sure anyone or anything missing will be found’ and that they will provide the easiest, most secure and stylish locating service to keep safe what you value the most. Multiple users can download and track the device which is a useful extra. The modern looking design not only looks great but is shockproof, waterproof and rustproof. The Yepzon tracker has the ultimate battery life with upto 4 months!

This product is predominantly aimed towards parents who want to keep their children safe; it does not mean that this isn’t a viable option for dog owners.  Bear in mind the device will dangle off their collar rather than be fixed tightly to it. The lack of activity monitor feature and zones does hold it back somewhat. However, it’s safety is heads and shoulders above the rest as there are no usernames and passwords to hack and there are no buttons to press meaning it can never be turned off and lost for good. Exceptional stuff! Lastly, it’s cost is on the more expensive side as it is a more premium option but the monthly subscription is on the cheaper side and you also don’t need to buy your own prepaid SIM card as there’s on included.

Overall, this is one of the better choices out there with an excellent performance record, a class leading battery and excellent safety features.

Best dog gps tracker reviews
Best dog gps tracker reviews

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9. TECKNET Pawfit GPS Pet Tracker.

The Pawfit is a smart pet location and activity tracking system that beautifully blends safety with health. One of the best pet trackers money can buy, the Pawfit offers outstanding peace of mind, giving you instant access to where your pet is and how much exercise they’ve undertaken.

Great for adventurous dogs and cats, the Pawfit runs with a SIM card and real-time GPS that allows you to track your four-legged friend’s movements throughout the day and night. You can also use the Pawfit to monitor your pet’s daily steps, calories burned, and active and rest hours, making it a great device for setting health and fitness goals.

We love that the Pawfit has a remote voice command feature, a well-appointed app, and a long battery life, but it does require a subscription, and the device may be too heavy for some pets. Let’s take a closer look at how the Pawfit works to figure out if it’s the right tracking device for you and your furkid.

Best dog gps tracker reviews
Best dog gps tracker reviews

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10. UBEEQUEE GPS Tracker for Dogs.

A little different from the other trackers, the Ubeequee pet tracker is a real time tracker that gives you a live tracking GPS signal. You can use it to keep an eye on your pet as well as create a virtual fence to keep your dog in a specific area, and get a notification immediately if he leaves it.

The signal is sent through a SIM card. The entire unit is waterproof and lightweight, and clips on to your pet’s collar safely and easily. It causes no fuss for your pets too, since it weighs only 36g. Plus, the tracker has no range limitation too, and runs efficiently through European countries.

The tracker keeps a full history of your pet’s movements which can be very useful. Plus, there is a long list of additional features such as a comparatively long working time, reduced power consumption, and can continuously work for about 10 days.

The battery is hefty 400 mAh and recharges with ease. Overall it’s easy to recommend this tracker and it’s available at a reasonable price point.

Best dog gps tracker reviews
Best dog gps tracker reviews

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What to Consider Before Buying?

Not all tracking units – even those relying on similar technology – are created equally. It really pays to take your time and determine the best tracking unit for your needs. It can be difficult to judge the quality of comparable units, but it is relatively simple to compare the features they each possess.

Consider some of the following features when selecting a GPS tracking device:

  • Waterproof trackers are well worth the additional expense, as according to Murphy’s Law, it is all but guaranteed that your dog will decide to escape in a rainstorm.
  • Battery life is critical. You never want to have the tracker’s signal die before you find your pet. While battery life varies with your usage (the more you try to track your pet, the more electricity you use), most high-quality units include batteries that last for three to seven days.
  • Some trackers monitor your pet’s activityvital signs and other interesting and helpful data. This kind of info can help you better understand and care for your pet.
  • Some units power-down when your dog becomes inactive to help prolong battery life. This can be especially helpful for units that don’t have a particularly long-lasting battery.

There’s one other thing you want to think about before buying a GPS dog tracker: the cellular reception in your area.

Many tracking units rely on cell-phone networks, at least in part, to monitor your dog’s movements. Make sure you know which network your GPS tracker uses, and check to ensure that the service (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.) provides adequate coverage in your area.


It’s important to say that there are no perfect GPS trackers, and you should always try to keep your dog safe and close to you. Even the best GPS dog collar won’t prevent your dog from escaping or wandering off if they’re unsupervised. However, it’ll make locating them much easier, so be sure to select one of the trackers from our list and keep your dog safe and sound!

Through our best dog gps tracker reviews, you have gained many great products and tips, hopefully you can choose the best product for your dogs successfully.

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