The 10 Best Dog Camera Treat Dispenser, Cameras and Feeders.

The best dog camera treat dispenser is a great way to interact with your dog and give her a little love when you are away. While an electronic display and treat slinger will never replace in-person attention, these tools can help keep you and your dog happier while you are separated!

Read about 10 of the best treat-dispensing cameras below, also comes with some dog cameras and feeders or scroll down to learn a few other important reasons you should consider adding one of these neat devices to your family.

Top 10 Best Dog Treat Dispenser, Cameras and Feeders You Must See.

Here is our list of 10 best dog camera treat dispenser ever that we are really love and really want to let you know, they might be they greatest choice for you.

The Mood EZCam is the perfect inexpensive, no-frills security camera to monitor your pet. It gives you access to 24/7 live video, including motion detection alerts, so you’ll never have to wonder what your furry friends are up to.

In addition to 720-pixel real-time video, the Mood EZCam records clips triggered by motion alerts. This footage is stored on the Zmodo Cloud for 36 hours for free, but you can also purchase an additional subscription to enable continuous recording. The camera even has infrared night vision, allowing it to see up to 26 feet at night.

In addition to its video capabilities, the Mood EZCam has two-way audio, so you can call your pet over or hear them barking. Plus, the speaker is designed to filter out background noise, so you’ll be able to communicate clearly with your animals. These features make the EZCam a solid option if you want a budget camera to keep an eye on your pet.

Best dog camera treat dispenser
Best dog camera treat dispenser

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2. PetKit Mate Pro.

Reminding us of the Netatmo Welcome home security camera, the Petkit Mate Pro is an attractive product that is fairly compact and should look at home on most shelves, tables or window sills.

What makes this camera stand out from the crowd is how it can rotate 340 degrees, for a full view of the room. That way, it’s easy to pan the camera around to keep a closer eye on your pet. There’s also night vision and the lens is 110 degrees, however the image sensor has a fairly low resolution of 720p; ideally, we’d like to have seen this increased to 1080p. There’s also no treat dispenser.

In better news, there is a microphone and speaker for two-way audio through the companion smartphone app, and the camera has a built-in laser for playing with your pet.

Best dog camera treat dispenser
Best dog camera treat dispenser

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3. Wopet Smart Pet Camera.

The WOpet Smart Pet Camera offers many features. While we like a camera with a lot of features, it’s also important to our that it be user friendly. We’re certainly not a tech savvy person, so we look for devices that are easy to set up with user friendly apps. Did the WOpet camera meet these specifications?

The top of the camera (the black circle in the photo above) easily pops off to allow you to fill the dispenser with treats or kibble. Just keep in mind that treats need to be very small less an 1/4″ wide to fit through the opening. Kibble works great, but small training treats would also be a good choice.

There are three buttons on the app screen screen. One allows you to turn on the microphone and send a message to your pet. It will continue recording and sending messages until you turn the microphone off. Unlike other similar products, the WOpet camera doesn’t just play the same prerecorded message over and over again. You can send a unique message every time.

Another button allows you to take still photos or short videos of your pet to save or share on social media. The third button looks like a little dog treat. When you press this one, the device will launch dog treats onto the floor for your pet to enjoy. Mine shoots 1-3 pieces of kibble each time.

Best dog camera treat dispenser
Best dog camera treat dispenser

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4. DOGNESS Pet Treat Dispenser.

This Dogness Pet Camera with treat Dispenser 8065 features a 1080p Full HD camera and inbuilt microphone and speaker to allow communication with your pet throughout the day. Treat Dispenser with camera will allow you to interact with your pet using a App from a remote location. Video, audio, Bi-directional audio fed, a great products included many epic features.

You can easily interact with your pet even when you’re not at home with the Dogness Smart Cam pet treat dispenser. It connects with your smart phone so you can see, hear, and treat your pet from anywhere.

Best dog camera treat dispenser
Best dog camera treat dispenser

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5. WOpet SmartFeeder.

This feeder comes with two different portion wheels that help measure and dispense food: one can handle meals between 5 and 195 grams (great for cats and smaller dogs) and one can accommodate meals between 10 and 390 grams (great for larger dogs). Ours came with the larger wheel installed, but since we have two cats, we replaced it with the smaller wheel using included screws and a screwdriver (not included).

The main compartment of this pet feeder is sealed with a clear lid that opens with the push of a button. We liked this feature because it allowed us to see how much food was left at any given moment—plus, it protected the LCD control panel used for programming meals (more on that below). Finally, at the base of the container sits a detachable feeding tray. Overall, we thought that this product was lightweight but built sturdily enough that hungry pets can’t tip it over or break into the top for a late-night snack.

This feeder can be powered either via an electrical outlet (a power adapter is included) or three D-size batteries (not included). If a power outage occurs while batteries are loaded, the feeder will continue to run on battery power alone.

Best dog camera treat dispenser
Best dog camera treat dispenser

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6. Clever Dog Wireless Security Wifi Cameras.

The Clever Dog Smart Surveillance Camera delivers audio and video alerts to your smart phone or tablet.

Conveniently, this monitor doesn’t require Wifi. You can successfully connect with your 4G or 3G network. This is a tremendous advantage because many puppy cameras only connect with Wifi and users are in the dark when they’re depending on mobile data. If you’re looking for simplicity in setup, this camera might be a good option. Just plug it in using your 5G wall charger and install the app. Although it doesn’t rotate, this camera offers a wide view of your home. You’ll receive video and audio alerts directly to your smartphone with the Clever Dog Camera. The quality of the picture is superior and the camera includes motion detection.

By inserting a micro card, you capture still photos and record video. The night mode offers a clear look even in low-light and dark environments. If you’re not terribly tech savvy, the Clever Dog Camera is an option that probably won’t cause you any grief. It’s designed for ease of use and no-hassle installation. And if price is a concern, it comes at a fraction of the cost you’ll see with other pet cameras. Because it’s so inexpensive, you can install one in each room should you so desire.

All in all, Clever Dog is a no-fuss pet monitor that allows you to communicate with your dog and keep an eye on his behaviour night & day.

Best dog camera treat dispenser
Best dog camera treat dispenser

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7. VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot.

The VARREM Pet Fitness Robot is designed to look like a cute pet toy. Even it’s programmed mannerisms of shaking and speeding up make it feel playful. For those of us with larger pets that might actually be able to cause some damage, all fitness robots are now shipped with a case that protects it from the jaws of life. Plus for the cat lovers out there it has a kit with a cat tail attachment to get your cat in a playful mood.

This robot was clearly designed to attract attention from our pets, however it is by no means an ordinary pet toy. With the app you are able to monitor your pet’s activity remotely. You can even customize the routes the robot takes your pet on or the times you want the robot to engage them.

On top of physically engaging your pet, it can also distribute treats in order to keep their attention and reward them for play. If your dog gets Pavlov’d into playing with the robot it increases the engagement time and thus maximizes its value. So adding some treat dispensing classical conditioning into the toy is a nice touch.

Best dog camera treat dispenser
Best dog camera treat dispenser

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8. Eyenimal Pet Videocam.

The only downside to a fixed position pet cam is the fact that it can only show you what you’re dog’s up to when they’re in one, specific location. if you want to keep an eye on your furry friend, at all times of day, a collar-mounted option could be the way forward.

There’s no need to worry about your dog taking a dip, or venturing out at night, either, as this model is designed towith its splash-proof build, night mode and audio recording.

The only downfall is that there’s no option for live streaming, so you can’t tap in to watch in real time which neighbour’s bin puss is currently rummaging through, but it’s a fun little tool for watching back your dog’s adventures after they’ve been out and about.

Best dog camera treat dispenser
Best dog camera treat dispenser

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9. Cat Mate C20 Automatic Pet Feeder.

The Cat Mate C20 is one of the best automatic wet food feeders out there, at least in terms of design and principle. We recommend this product for cats that are ‘well-behaved’, or those pets that are not too playful, and will not steal a few kibbles from the unit. Also, before deciding on this product, we suggest that you take some time to read the notes and warnings about this product, as listed below.

Notice to Potential Customers and Users: Based on a survey made on the product, 64% of all customers indicated that they are satisfied with the cat feeder, another 12% said that they are not very satisfied, and 24 percent mentioned that they are very unsatisfied. According to the respondents that are unsatisfied with the product, the unit comes with a defective motor, and will often top in the middle of operations. Also, some of the respondents suggested that the timer is not usually accurate. So based on the survey respondents and our own tests, we come up with the following recommendations.

Best dog camera treat dispenser
Best dog camera treat dispenser

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10. PAWISE Automatic Pet Feeder.

PAWISE 5-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder is one of the most perfect pet meals services. This automatic pet feeder is great to keep your furry friends fed even when no one is home to feed them. It allows you to take care of your pal’s meals while you’re eating out on a Friday night or rushing to get to work. The tray can holds 1 cups of food and the individual timers can be set up to 24 hours in advance. It’s easy to operate—simply fill the feeder trays with dry food and set the time for when your pal needs to eat.

Best dog camera treat dispenser
Best dog camera treat dispenser

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How to Choose a Pet Camera Treat Dispenser – Buying Guide.

Aside from choosing a reliable product that works with your Wi-Fi and is the right size, we’ve included other main points to keep in mind when considering a particular pet camera treat dispenser, such as speaker and camera capabilities, added perks, and more.

Choose Between a Manual or an Automatic Dispenser.

Not all pet treat dispensers are created equal. With some, you can fully control when to give a treat, while others follow a regular schedule that can be set automatically. Choosing a manual or automatic dispenser highly depends on your preferences and availability to interact with your furbaby.

A Manual Dispenser Gives You Both Something to Look Forward To.

Pet treat dispensers that require you to log in and throw a treat manually are perfect for those moments when you miss your pet, and you get to watch them approach the device, hear your voice and jump for joy when you give them a treat. It gives you a sense of being there without actually being there!

Automatic Treat Dispensers Stick to a Schedule.

If you’re more strict regarding the time for feeding your pet or have a variable schedule so you’re not always available at a particular time, then go with a dispenser that can automatically dispense treats.

You set up the time and leave the machine to do its thing. This way, you can maintain a routine and check up on your pet when you’re free.

Decide on the Camera and Speaker Capabilities

Some treat dispensers are only enabled for camera viewing on one end so your dog can’t see you. Higher-end models have a small screen installed so your pet can see you as well.

Nowadays, pet treat dispensers have top-notch webcams wherein you can get up to 1080p full HD quality with 160-degree wide-angle lens, digital zoom capabilities and night vision.

As dogs react better to sound than sight, it’s recommended to go for a dispenser with a built-in two-way speaker. Watch their cute ears stand in attention and excitement whenever you drop by for a chat. You can even get dispensers that have phone call-level quality for the best experience.

Look for These Added Perks.

But wait, there’s more. You may have the camera, speakers and treat dispensing mechanism, but it is to be expected that manufacturers strive to offer more perks with their products.

You can control how to fling the treat with your phone, make it fun by letting others join in, play with your pet a bit, spray some soothing aromatherapy scents, and more.

Some Allow You to Toss Treats in Any Direction.

Those who’ve played Pokemon GO would understand the concept of flicking an item on their smartphones and throwing it towards a certain direction or target. The same concept applies to some models of treat dispensers where you can control the strength of your throw, and the machine will dispense the treat accordingly.

This automatically brings in more fun for you and your dog because you can surprise them with a long shot or be surprised at their lightning-speed reflexes.

Others Offer Mental or Physical Stimulation Before a Treat

What about a treat dispenser with built-in lasers to get your cat to exercise a bit before a treat? Or one designed with wheels so they could go running around the house first?

These come in extra handy if you have pets that need some exercise while you’re away. Developers have become more and more creative in dishing out treat dispensers with many added perks.

One With Alerts and Notifications is Useful

Because the treat dispenser works as a pet camera, it can be equipped with alerts and notifications. If your dog is barking to get your attention about a possible intruder on the premises, the device would notify you on your phone.

Most pet treat dispensers come with motion detection so you can keep an eye on your dog or cat. When there’s movement, you’ll get notified. This way, you can also avoid furniture and other items being chewed on and destroyed.

Join in on the Fun With Live-Feed Sharing

Thanks to social media and live-streaming, you can now join in on the fun with a pet treat dispenser that’s enabled for sharing with multiple users. This is especially helpful for when you’re extra busy and need someone else to check in on your pet.

Get snapshots of your pet and seamlessly share the photo on social media or with friends and loved ones. Take things up a notch and get everyone to watch your adorable four-legged friends because we all love watching pet videos anyways.

Consider Compatibility With Devices and Treats.

The more features and perks a pet treat dispenser has, the more tinkering it may require. There is also a greater need for it to work correctly no matter what device you’re using. Below are a few compatibility features to consider if you’re purchasing a treat dispenser.

Confirm Compatibility With Your Devices.

Compatibility might be an issue after learning of all the features a camera treat dispenser offers. Do take a look if a particular model is accessible across different devices such as a desktop or tablet so that you can interact with your furbaby on a bigger screen.

Also, check if the machine can be accessed seamlessly regardless of the operating system and would work well with your Wi-Fi connection. If you’re planning on getting others to join in on the fun, check how many can log in simultaneously or up to how many devices one subscription can provide access for.

The setup is also another consideration because you wouldn’t want an overly-complicated machine. Some products boast of a 2-minute setup as a selling point.

Make Sure the Treats Fit!

Not all treat dispensers shoot out differently-sized treats so if your pet has a particular favorite, it’s advised to check if the size fits the dispenser opening.

It will be stated in the product description if a dispenser is compatible with most treats, so you don’t have to worry about having to buy specially-designed ones.

Digital Assistant Compatibility Adds More Fun.

A few higher-end models are compatible with Alexa and other digital assistants so you can command the device to play music for your furbaby, notify you if the treats canister is running low or even order more treats online.


Being separated from our beloved pets is never an easy task for any fur-parent. Hopefully, it’s not true that an hour seems like an eternity for them. Thankfully, we have pet treat dispensers to keep us connected with our pets and to ensure that they are doing alright throughout the day.

Just keep our buying guide notes in mind as you shop and you’re bound to find the perfect dispenser for you and your pets!

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