The Top 10 Best Deep Fat Fryers for Chips in The Uk 2021

The oil-free fryer was first introduced in Australia in 2010 and is quickly becoming a device that is widely used in modern kitchens.
They can cook a variety of different foods in small amounts, which makes them perfect for preparing snacks instead of a full family meal.
Currently, oil-free fryers in general and deep fat fryers for chips, in particular, are very popular with housewives and are an indispensable device in all kitchens, helping to reduce grease in the cooking process. good protection and safe for health. Let’s take a look at our top 10 best deep fat fryers for chips offline!

Top 10 best deep fat fryers for chips

Refer to the 10 products about the best deep fat fryers for chips below for easy selection when needed

1. Philips HD9220 / 20 Oil Free Fryer

Philips HD9220-20 Oil Free Fryer
Best Deep Fat Fryers for Chips

The Philips HD9220 / 20 Oil-Free Fryer has a unique design with fast circulating very high hot air, star-shaped design, and optimal heating profile allowing you to fry a variety of delicious dishes in a way Fast, easy and healthy for no extra oil.

  • The cooker applies unique Rapid Air technology that allows you to fry, bake, bake and roast the best fast food.
    Rapid Air technology also allows you to roast, bake and bake your favorite foods.
  • The built-in timer function allows you to preset cooking times up to 30 minutes.
  • The auto-off function includes a “ready” sound indicator. The fully adjustable temperature control allows you to pre-set the best cooking temperature for your food up to 200 degrees.

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2. Philips Electronic Oil Free Fryer HD9216 / 41

Philips Electronic Oil Free Fryer HD9216
Best Deep Fat Fryers for Chips

Philips HD9216/41 Air Fryer is manufactured using Tubostar technology with a premium non-stick surface, giving you delicious and perfect fried foods.
All ingredients are heated with constant circulating heat and cooked at the same time, ensuring the food is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
The Philips Airfryer’s Quick Clean tray uses a removable non-stick mesh that makes cleaning faster and easier.
Removable non-stick coating drawer for easy cleaning.
Preset automatic cooking with the most popular dishes like frozen fries, meat, fish, and chicken drumsticks.
The unique TurboStar technology swirls hot air continuously through the entire cooking chamber, creating an even distribution of heat throughout the food basket.

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3. Tefal YV9708 oil-free fryer

Tefal YV9708 oil-free fryer
Best Deep Fat Fryers for Chips

The TEFAL Actifry 2in1 YV9708 oil-free fryer is one of Tefal’s leading models with a “2 in 1” function, you can prepare delicious meals for the entire family with just one cooking.
Largest capacity with many outstanding innovations of the leading European household Tefal, can cook two dishes at once and use only one teaspoon of oil as you wish, allowing 1.5 kg of fries with less than 3% fat.
There is a rotating shaft for the bottom tray and a rotating top tray that allows you to cook multiple dishes at the same time.
The digital timer features AUTO OFF, which has a loud alarm to notify when cooking is finished.
The detachable plug makes it easier to store after use later.

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4. Tefal Easy Fry Classic EY201840 Healthy Air Fryer

Tefal Easy Fry Classic EY201840 Healthy Air Fryer
Best Deep Fat Fryers for Chips

The capacity of 4.2L, the capacity of 1500W, the timer of 60 minutes
The Tefal EY401 oil-free fryer with a capacity of 4.2 L is suitable for families who can fry and bake crispy and delicious dishes. With 1500W capacity, with a timer up to 60 minutes extremely convenient. The automatic bell mode helps users to easily recognize when the food is cooked. The touch screen is modern and intelligent, the specifications are clear and easy to use. Control the temperature from 80 degrees to 200 for full flavor. Effective exhaust technology with the detachable grille.

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5. Klarstein 9L Oil Free Roaster

Klarstein 9L Oil Free Roaster
Best Deep Fat Fryers for Chips

The outstanding capacity of 9L, the capacity of 1400W, 3D grill cage
Klaestein oil-free fryer with a capacity of 9L is capable of deep frying with a large amount of food, can serve members over 10 people. This is the perfect cooking device for home parties. Fast-food fryer saves time, reduces food fatigue, has an arch design, is made of plastic with windows and accessories such as cages, operator trays, hand-held pliers, gill nets, 3D grill cage, and skewer.
Klarestein has a capacity of 1400W that heats and distributes heat for the dish to maintain its nutritional content. The non-stick coating on the frying tray helps food keep its shape when frying, easy to clean after use.

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6. Russell Hobbs digital deep fat fryer 24580

Russell Hobbs digital deep fat fryer 24580
Best Deep Fat Fryers for Chips

This powerful fryer was quick to heat up, with a light indicating when it was time to dunk our ingredients in the hot fat. With a capacity of 3kg, there was more than enough space to make chips for a family of four, using the digital timer to remind us when to take them out – this function won’t cut off the heat, however. This is a great choice if you need a fryer that will see a lot of action and have the capacity to cook all at once rather than in batches but not take up too much space compared to some other models – its footprint is comparable to a large four-slot toaster in size.

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Best Deep Fat Fryers for Chips

Deep fat fryers can look a little intimidating, but Breville Easy Clean Deep Fryer looks safe to use in a domestic kitchen and has safety features you’ll love.
Easy to clean
The Breville Easy Clean Deep Fryer can be disassembled for easy cleaning, and all the parts are dishwasher safe. It’s got a capacity of 2 liters and can handle 1kg of food at any one time.
Smart to use
The lid locks for safety and there is also a handy display that shows the optimum temperatures for frying. There is also an indicator that alerts you when your oil comes to temperature.

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8. Swan SD6040N 3-litre stainless steel fryer

Swan SD6040N 3-litre stainless steel fryer
Best Deep Fat Fryers for Chips

Here it is: the best deep-fat fryer to emerge from our testing. The Swan SD6040N is a classic-style fryer made to perfection, combining excellent heating performance with handy features, including a viewing window and air vent.
The chips we made with the SD6040N came out superb. The batches were very evenly cooked, with each chip cooked through thoroughly.
In terms of taste and texture, they were perfectly balanced, with crispy skins that had just a hint of chewiness, and dense, fluffy insides. Read our full Swan stainless steel fryer review.

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9. Tefal oleo clean pro

Tefal oleo clean pro
Best Deep Fat Fryers for Chips

This powerful, fast-heating Tefal fryer uses a unique system to drain, clean, and store oil after use, so there’s no food debris floating around when you use it next time. Described as ‘semi-professional’, the three-liter capacity is the largest here. The advantage of its size is that there are a generous, wide basket, huge viewing window, and plenty of room for food to float around; no clumping of bhaji batter or unevenly-cooked chips here. It was so easy to empty the oil after cooking spicy chicken to move on to the sweet stuff – no one wants chili-hot churros, after all. When cool, it was a cinch to remove the blue tank and drain it away. Serious frying kit if you have space.

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10. Cecotec CleanFry Infinity

Cecotec CleanFry Infinity
Best Deep Fat Fryers for Chips

The CleanFry Infinity from Cecotec is a fantastic 4-liter capacity fryer with a cool-touch handle. It’s ideal for cooking a wide selection of dishes such as chicken, fish, and potatoes. This unit comes with an oil cleaner filter that allows you to use the same batch of oil for longer, reducing unnecessary waste and saving money. If you’re on a hunt for the best deep fat fryer for chips, the CleanFry Infinity is worth considering.
With 2400 watts of maximum power, the CleanFry enables you to create the perfect meals a lot faster than you would expect. Additionally, the oil cleaner tank, frying basket, and filter are all dishwasher friendly. To ensure that you can always keep track of your cooking, there’s a window on the lid of the tank. Also, the fryer is equipped with a thirty-minute timer for setting the perfect frying time.
This Cecotec unit benefits from an elegant and sleek design that’s sure to fit well in a range of homes, too. However, some customers have complained that managing its temperature control isn’t as easy as it could be. Another possible problem is that this fryer comes with an EU plug. Meaning, you’ll need to get an adapter before you can use it.

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How to choose the best deep fat fryers for chips

Best Deep Fat Fryers for Chips
Best Deep Fat Fryers for Chips
Needless to ask if you like fried food, we’re sure everyone will, right? But does eating a healthy diet mean eliminating all the benefits of fried food?
Luckily for you and me, the oil-free fryer can create the delicious crunchy foods we love without using a lot of oil. But before you rush to buy one of these cool devices for your family, you may want to consider a few important factors that will help you choose which device is best for you. Keep in mind that all air fryers use the same basic technology – using the circulation of hot air – to cook food, so this is a must-have factor.
How much does an oil-free fryer cost?
This can be everyone’s number 1 concern because the prices of these products are not cheap. The most affordable product on our list still requires you to spend almost 1 million VND. If you are willing to spend more, you might be interested in more premium Philips models that cost over 2 million, most consumers are sure of the value for money.

Of course, you want to be able to cook enough food to feed everyone in your family. Most oil-free fryers have a capacity of 0.5 kg to 1.5 kg of food in the tray at a time. Perfect for fried dishes, chicken wings, or fish balls that you want to cook for a snack. Or for singles who simply want to cook healthier. But if you have a large family, you may want to find an oil-free fryer that can cook more in one go, such as the Philips XL Airfasher.

This is an issue that you need to consider for two things – kitchen space and countertop size. An oil-free fryer needs air in the back for hot air to escape and space in the front when you take out the food basket. If you plan on leaving it on the kitchen table, pot space will be an issue. But if you do want to put it away after use, you may want to check if the cabinet has enough space for an oil-free fryer.

Frying capacity
Oil-free fryers typically require between 800 and 2,100 watts of electricity, depending on the model. You need to make sure that the outlet in your kitchen can support this.

Temperature range
This is an essential feature because different foods need to be cooked at different temperatures. You may also need a maximum temperature of 200 degrees C for maximum flexibility. Most of the products we recommend have this maximum temperature point.

Touch screen
Some people like to use the temperature control knob, while others prefer the touchscreen. The crown is simpler and more durable than a touchscreen display. But if you need a product that brings modernity to your kitchen, an oil-free fryer with a touchscreen is the right choice.

Program to fry, cook
You may want an oil-free fryer that comes with pre-installed programs and recipes for many dishes. Without a predetermined program, you may want to find an oil-free fryer that comes with recipes to make using it easier.

Function, technology
Most oil-free fryers are equipped with all the basic frying functions, but in the purchasing process, you also need to pay attention to other modern features such as a timer, set the right temperature.
Like the electric grill, the oil-free fryer also has the disadvantage of creating a lot of smoke when cooking, which is also quite a headache for the user. At this point, you are probably considering a hood to solve this problem.
However, you do not need to worry too much about this because, besides the basic functions mentioned above, the oil-free fryer products that we introduce to you today are integrated with Rapid Air technology.
It can be said that this is an extremely modern cooking technology that not only helps food cook quickly, saves time, but also reduces smoke and smells extremely effectively.

The warranty period will help you feel more secure when using the product, as we see, the basic warranty of fryer products on the market usually ranges from 1-2 years, some high-end models will have a longer warranty period.
While our top picks are supposed to make your selection a lot easier, more innovative products are sure to come in the future. It’s important to remember to consider all of your current needs so that you ultimately make the right choice.


In the UK, although deep fryers are only popular in fast food stores and are not really popular among families, owning a pot will be much more convenient, right? Hope this article will help you choose a good fryer so that the whole family and your loved ones can enjoy the fresh, crispy golden fries every day!

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